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Shrimp is a species of aquatic fish that is found in most of the world's water, including salty water and freshwater. Shrimp is a food source for marine organisms. Shrimp can swim back. They have high resistance to toxins in polluted areas. Shrimp is widely used by humans as a food. like other marine products, shrimp is rich in calcium, iodine, and protein. Shrimp contains 122 to 251 mg of cholesterol (depending on the preparation method). The consumption of shrimp is evaluated for its effect on the healthy human circulation system
shrimp indicus
The body is semi-transparent, pink to pale yellow. One of the most important features of this kind is the exist ence of a very long, dull antenna pair that distinguishes it from other species.
This species has a good yield in comparison with other species for cultivation on the southern coast of the country and has a large portion of cultivated pools.
The temperature is 22 to 23 ° C and 15 to 25 parts per thousand is suitable for breeding this species.
Note: Indian white shrimp is more corrupt than other species, so it should be very careful when transporting and storing after catching
shrimp merguiensis
Dan's banana shrimp is pinkish to pale yellow and has a reddish brown ( like a little banana). This species is naturally occurring in the southern waters of the country and is considered as a great variety of shrimp.
The temperature is 25 to 32 ° C, and 15 to 32 parts per thousand is suitable for breeding this species
shrimp semisulcatus
The body has these colored bands that are biased or intersecting. Many studies have been carried out on this species for breeding in Iran, which is
still ongoing, but there is still no detailed information on its biological conditions.
The temperature is 24 to 34 ° C, and 15 to 28 parts per thousand is suitable for breeding this species.
Note: Due to the fact that this species is resistant to salinity changes and has suitable adaptation in different locations, a suitable breeding species has been identified
 penaeus indicus
 penaeus merguiensis
 penaeus semisulcatus
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